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Want to combine images and Industry Email List short texts into a short video that, for example, provides a summary of an article. Other content tools that may be Industry Email List less known, but that have proven their worth, can be found in the overview below. 1. Wise stamp for an up-to-date email Industry Email List signature An easy way to promote a new blog post or your social media accounts is to add them to an email signature. From yourself or from colleagues. Then it would be great if new blog articles are automatically added to your signature immediately after publication. That’s exactly what Wise stamp does. It is not free, but with this you have already arranged the first promotion step of a new blog article without extra work.

The cost of Wise stamp Industry Email List depends on the number of employees and starts at $1.67 per user per month. Wise stamp for professional email signatures 2. Print Friendly to create PDFs Some blog articles prove Industry Email List particularly valuable to the reader. Then you can hope (or specifically encourage) that someone will bookmark it of their own accord. The alternative is to offer the visitor of your blog article a Industry Email List free PDF of the article to keep. Of course, just like with the bookmark, you run the risk that your article ends up in the endless digital archive and never gets out of it.

However, a part is indeed Industry Email List reused and consulted. But then it is useful to have a quick tool that takes little time and you can find it in Print Friendly . It’s a matter of plugging in the URL and your PDF appears on the Industry Email List screen. You can then remove things before you download and use the PDF. Print Friendly is free. Print Friendly Industry Email List creates a PDF from a URL 3. Add This for share buttons (and more) Share buttons for social media were gradually used less and less and you see them less and less prominently on websites. Nevertheless, I still have the tools and buttons of Add This on some websites , because it allows a website administrator to clearly see which articles are shared with others.